Bill Ruud on the Mall with students



出生在北达科他州,范尼从北达科他州大学毕业,学士学位在公共管理和医院管理,并获得工商管理硕士学位和博士学位在组织行为学/管理从内布拉斯加 - 林肯大学。总裁范尼还曾在美国军队从1978-81的盔甲和副官将官。

在加入推荐赌博十大app之前,范尼瀑布,爱荷华州,从2013年至2016年期间,他在大学3年担任爱荷华州北部的雪松大学的第十任总统,该机构扭转下降的入学趋势和经验增加捐款超过5000万$ 。

Marietta is Ruud’s third presidency, as he was the 15th president at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania from 2007-13. During his time at Shippensburg, Ruud implemented a facilities master plan in connection with the university’s strategic plan and led the university’s development of an Academic Master Plan. President Ruud has assisted in a variety of leadership capacities at colleges and universities across the U.S. He has used his wealth of experience to lead universities to academic excellence and achievement, as well as ensure they fulfill their essential role in the region and state. He began his academic career teaching business courses at Northwestern Louisiana State University in 1978. From 1979- 81, he conducted his research in leadership assessment at the U.S. Army Research Institute in Washington, D.C.; he also taught management theory and organizational behavior courses at Central Michigan University from 1980-81. From 1981-93, Ruud taught management, organizational behavior, strategy, policy, and ethics courses at the University of Toledo, and was awarded tenure in 1987. He served as an Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies, coordinated the MBA program as an Associate Dean, served as Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Assistant Director of the University Honors Program and eventually served as Interim Dean of the College of Business Administration while at Toledo. In 1993, 总裁范尼 was appointed Dean of the College of Business & Economics and Professor of Management at Boise State University. He was then promoted in 1998 to Vice President for Institutional Advancement. At Boise State, he led a successful a $12.5 million campaign for a new engineering facility, established faculty fellowships and created endowments to support student research.